Festival Stage (Sunday)

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Isaac Turner

Isaac Turner started as a Punk Rocker in the Portland Oregon scene in the 2000’s. Eventually his love for music and shows inspired him to start his own band. Playing guitar for The-Fixed a couple shows later Isaac decided to start his own group so he could be the front man. Society’s Victim was born and many shows later the band ended in 2005. Isaac eventually fell in love with acoustic music and started playing in and fronting different bands and projects. In 2013 Isaac recorded IT EP and decided to pursue music full time as a solo artist. The sound eventually evolved live with the addition of a Loop Station and Suitcase drum. At one point he even had a five-piece backing band. Back to more of stripped down live set-up and a new record Isaac has finally started to mature his sound, image, and presentation.


1 – 2:30pm

Ty Curtis

Those who subscribe to the notion that only age and a lifetime of hardships can produce a blues musician have probably never heard Ty Curtis play guitar, sing, or listened to the powerful lyrics of just one of his songs. Ty has already released five award winning CDs at the age of 28. Greg Johnson, the president of cover_storeCascade Blues Association, could not agree more “Ty’s lyrics and music show growth and these tunes shouldn’t just appeal to the blues crowd, Ty’s fully capable of crossing over for any audience that is put in front of him”.

Visit: http://www.tycurtis.net/