Festival Stage (Sunday)


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Creature Teachers-Live Animals (Family Entertainment)

Creature Teachers was incorporated by Shanti Kriens and Amanda LeBlanc in March of 2016. Since then, the dynamic duo has conducted numerous classroom programs, birthday parties, public showcases, and corporate events in Oregon and Washington, with audiences ranging in size from 7 to nearly 900 curious minds. Creature Teachers aims to foster an appreciation for all wildlife, including the under-loved and misunderstood creatures such as snakes and spiders, who play vital roles in their ecosystems. These events allow kids and adults alike to not only hear the facts, but to also experience the animals directly, to touch them, to come to know them as individuals, and to confront their own fears. Hopefully, through knowledge and passion, those who attend will look at their world with a renewed sense of caring and stewardship. After all, as Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter said, “If people love something, they want to save it.”



234th Army Band-Big Band

The 234th has also performed for gubernatorial inaugurations, opening ceremonies for the Oregon State Fair and State Games of Oregon, and dedication ceremonies for the Veteran’s Hospital. In 2005, soldiers from the 234th Army Band deployed to Louisiana to assist those who experienced the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Among the band’s favorite assignments is presenting music to communities throughout Oregon. After 26 years of being stationed at the Portland Air National Guard Base, effective 26 October, 2011, the 234th Army Band’s station was official changed to the newly constructed 41st Infantry Division Armed Forces Reserve Center at Camp Withycombe. The 234th Army Band is truly “Oregon’s Own.”