Local Volunteer Crew Needed

We need you! Many of our pilots come from out of town and can't bring their regular crews with them. The event must assign these pilots local volunteers to assist them in setting up their balloons each day. An average size balloon takes 4-6 people to set up and take down. Crewing for a hot air balloon is fun and exciting and is a great way to experience the event up close and personal. And you may even be offered a balloon ride as a thank you!

Crew Requirements

All event crew must be:

There will not be crew training classes this year.

Log In Accounts

Volunteer crew must sign up through the website. Do not sign up as a volunteer if you already have a specific pilot you are working with. Just contact them directly. In order to have a crew account, you will need a valid email address which will be your login ID. If there are multiple people, such as a family, that only have one email address, you will create an account with a primary account holders name, and then add the rest of the family members to that account. If you volunteered last year, your account is set up already and your information has been saved, but you will need to let us know that if you are able to help again this year.